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Initiative Musik – the German music office - invites you to join the fun watching these 23 exciting artists at SXSW2016.

At the German Haus we will host "Wunderbar – The Krautrock Edition" with a lively discussion and showcases with faUSt, Stabil Elite and Kreidler.

Be sure to RSVP - you will be granted access to all events at the German Haus (as far as capacity allows; SXSW badge required for entry).

For further details on particular events check out: www.german-haus.biz

German Haus

SXSW MUSIC 2016: Come enjoy thundering performances and multifaceted presentations by artists and festivals from Germany

  • 23 bands and solo artists from Germany at the 2016 SXSW Music Festival, the world’s largest showcase gala
  • Mike P. Heisel: “For SXSW, we’re focusing on the genres of heavy metal and Krautrock this year, genres in which German bands have been making headlines and causing sensations for decades.”
  • Wunderbar – The Krautrock Edition: talk and showcase with faUSt, Stabil Elite and Kreidler
  • Panel: “A Head Bangers Guide to Rock in Germany” with Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze and Soulfood Music
  • Musicboard Berlin and the Reeperbahn Festival are presenting their own showcases

Berlin, March 10, 2016

“For SXSW, we’re focusing on the genres of heavy metal and Krautrock this year, genres in which German bands have been making headlines and causing sensations for decades. At the conference we’ve put together a panel about heavy metal; participants include Jan Quiel from Wacken Open Air and Ralf Nüsser from Summer Breeze Open Air – two of the most established brands on the international festival market, both of which represent quality, consistency and sustainability,” says Mike P. Heisel, member of the Initiative Musik Supervisory Board. Mr. Heisel, a music manager and producer based in Munich, will be moderating the panel “A Head Bangers Guide to Rock in Germany.”

Mike. P. Heisel
Mike. P. Heisel

“I’m really looking forward to our special Krautrock event at German Haus. The genre stands for unconventional and even radical music, and has proven to be a virtually inexhaustible source of inspiration for musicians from around the world – from hip-hop, to rock, to dance music,” says Initiative Musik’s Managing Director Ina Keßler. The Krautrock talk is being followed by performances from three bands – faUSt, Kreidler and Stabil Elite – three generations of musicians who all have wildly different interpretations of the genre.


“How Krautrock Influenced the Music Worldwide From Past to Present” is the title of the discussion with faUSt band members, international journalist Alex Maiolo from Tape Op magazine, and musician Jason Reece from the American alternative rock band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. They’ll be chatting about the Krautrock phenomenon, one that remains relevant to this day. “Our influence on young artists seems to be growing continually and, as such, it’s a pleasure to be playing with some of them at one festival,” says Jean-Hervé Peron of faUSt. Mr. Peron is looking forward to appearing in Austin as a cultural ambassador and contemporary witness. “We’re very happy to do this and feel a certain diplomatic, cultural responsibility – but of course we want to stay as uncompromising as possible, stay true to our roots in the process.

Laura Carbone
Laura Carbone

SXSW booker James Minor has selected 23 quality bands and solo artists from Germany for his festival, covering a broad range of musical styles – from experimental pop music with Beißpony, to soul-rock with AudioDamn! Thirteen of them are being financially supported by Initiative Musik, with the goal of supporting their entry onto the American market. These include pop artist Laura Carbone from Mannheim, who will be playing three shows during the festival; her debut album Sirens was just released in the United States and Canada, and the shows offer a major opportunity for her to present and promote herself to international industry professionals. Despite this, Ms. Carbone has a very realistic outlook regarding her Texas gigs: “I’m quite aware that my music is for more of a niche audience. But I’m also certain that there’s a space for it here, that people will discover Sirens and will love the album. We’re working with two amazing partners in the United States who are lending their support and making the discovery easier.”

Kytes from Munich, signed by Lichtdicht Records, is another recipient of Initiative Musik sponsoring. A joint statement from the band reads: “We view ourselves as a German band with an international sound and international ambitions, which is why we’re really looking forward to providing proof of it in Texas. Our ultimate goal is to play some good shows and win over local audiences.” Kytes is working with Deckstar Artist Management from Los Angeles in North America. Their music label colleagues Milky Chance, from Kassel, recently proved that in the right professional environment, pop bands from Germany have a chance to break through in the country – the band got off to a roaring start last year, with SXSW 2015 sounding the starting gun for a sold-out U.S. tour.


And as if this wasn’t already enough, the festival program includes another two showcases being put on by German participants. Musicboard Berlin presents “Berlin Beats” with rRoxymore, DJ Paypal, DJ Richard and Robot Koch, four electronic artists from Germany’s capital with wide-ranging and innovative sounds. Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival, the organizers of one of Europe’s most important pop music conferences, will again be curating their own SXSW showcase with artists from Great Britain, the United States, Denmark and, of course, Germany.

The joint presence at SXSW in Austin is a project of Initiative Musik and part of the foreign trade show program of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Contributors to German Haus include the German Federal Government’s Culture and Creative Industries Initiative and Platinum Partners, the German States of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin and North-Rhine Westphalia; Gold Partners, Hamburg and, for the first time, the city of Munich; and Silver Partners, the German Consulate General in Houston and the independent IT industry trade association ASQF (Association for Software Quality and Further Education).

SXSW 2016 - Germany Hauptpartner

Wunderbar – Germany at SXSW

SXSW Music Germany

Germany  @ SXSW MUSIC

•    Aloa Input, München
•    AudioDamn!, Mannheim
•    beißpony, Munich
•    Benjrose, Cologne
•    Better Person, Berlin
•    Camera, Berlin
•    Laura Carbone, Mannheim
•    DJ Richard, Berlin
•    DJ Paypal, Berlin
•    Eau Rouge, Stuttgart
•    Exploded View, Berlin/Mexiko
•    faUSt, Hamburg
•    Ian Fisher, Berlin
•    Richie Hawtin, Berlin
•    Kreidler, Berlin
•    Kytes, Munich
•    Mueran Humanos, Berlin
•    Peaches, Berlin
•    Plattenbau, Berlin
•    Robot Koch, Berlin
•    rRoxymore, Berlin
•    Stabil Elite, Düsseldorf
•    Still Parade, Berlin

SXSW-Shows: www.german-haus.biz/artists.html

WUNDERBAR - The KRAUTrock Edition
March, 13 2016 - German Haus/Lucille

12 PM -  WUNDERBAR LUNCH, Invitation Only
Presented by Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Houston & Initiative Musik, DJ: Scott Riegel (KVRX)

Alex Maiolo (Tape Op Magazine), Jason Reece (...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead), Jean-Hervé Person (FaUSt)
Host: Scott Riegel (KVRX)

Live: Stabil Elite (Düsseldorf), FaUSt (Hamburg), Kreidler (Berlin)

March, 16, 2016 - 9 PM - 2 AM - Lucille
Live: The Big Pink (UK), FEMME (UK), Public Access TV (USA), Yung (Denmark), Stabil Elite, faUSt (Germany)

A Head Bangers Guide to Rock in Germany
March, 18, 2016 – 12:30 PM, Room 8C, Convention Center

•    Jan Quiel (Wacken Open Air, ICS)
•    Ralf Nüsser (Silverdust GmbH/Summer Breeze Open Air)
•    Bauke De Groot (Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH)
•    Host: Mike P. Heisel (Initiative Musik)

BERLIN BEATS SHOWCASE presented by Musicboard Berlin
March, 19, 2016, Plush ATX
mit rRoxymore, DJ Paypal, DJ Richard, Robot Koch


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Initiative Musik is the federal government’s funding agency that supports the music industry for rock, pop, and jazz in Germany. Initiative Musik’s support programmes offer artists financial support to indirectly support their professional development. One of its main goals is to promote and support young musical talent, musicians with immigrant backgrounds, and disseminating music from Germany on a national level and on foreign markets. Another focus is the support of music venues that significantly contribute to maintaining cultural diversity within Germany with their work.